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Based in Madrid, born and raised in Queens, NYC. I'm a visual anthropologist and currently a product designer at Gitcoin. I'm a self-proclaimed Figma nerd.


I "wasted" too much time on the computer as a kid and developed all of the tech and design skills I have today.

I’m hoping to fuse my love of people, culture, and design into an exciting and fulfilling career path.

Also passionate about music. Catch me djing at your favorite bar/club in Madrid.

Portrait of Melissa Neira UX/UI Designer and Researcher

What I love


I carry my camera everywhere I go. My love of photography started when I was in high school. I tried to photograph everything I could. My work has been featured in New York Magazine, Brooklyn Vegan, The Village Voice, etc. 

I think the years I've collectively spent in the darkroom have given me night vision. It's also given me a keen eye for composition, color, and light. These skills I've taken with me into the world of product design. My love of people, culture, and problem-solving have given me the necessary skills to tackle any project that gets thrown at me. 

Work and what I love have become so intertwined, that it just doesn't feel like work anymore. I feel really lucky.


Video Work

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